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Residential Unit Types

The Hillion Residencies presents different sizes of units that suit the needs of the various kinds of people giving them the comfort they are looking for. Families both small and large have room enough to accommodate them in this development making it more friendly and habitable. The units include:

  • One Bedroom: Measuring between 463 – 549 square feet each.
  • One Bedroom SoHo: It has a measurement of about 463 – 474 square feet each.
  • Two Bedroom: They measure about 710 – 872 square feet each.
  • Two Bedroom with SoHo: They measure about 710 square feet each.
  • Three Bedroom: They measure about 1,163 square feet each.
  • Four Bedroom: Measures between 1,356 to 1,410 square feet each.
  • Penthouse: This is the biggest of them all and it measures greater than the others between 2,616 to 3,208 square feet each.

As noted from the measurements, these condos are spacious to meet your needs. Different families with diverse needs are housed comfortably with necessary amenities within reach. The faster you identify which one you are interested in, the better. Most of them are already running out, the more reason you should act fast!

Facilities Within the Hillion Residences

With modern lifestyle comes the lovely life that most modern people look forward to. They all look forward to coming home and unwinding in a stress-free way around their home. The serene environment created in the Hillion Residences is good enough to give you the kind of comfort you are looking for. The features that are found in this development are critical to your comfort. They include:

  • BBQ Area
  • Pool Deck
  • Lap pool
  • Cascading Pool
  • Wading pool
  • Gourmet Dining
  • Garden Lounge
  • Pergola
  • Children playground
  • Lawn
  • Lounge pool
  • Tennis Court
  • Aqua Gym
  • Spa pool
  • Function room
  • Fitness station
  • M&E Space Below
  • Gymnasium
  • Reading Room
  • Jogging track

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